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Welcome To Doggy Do's Mobile Grooming

Mobile grooming, for those unfamiliar with the concept, means that Doggy Do's is a dog parlour on wheels. We drive our fully fitted and equipped van to your home, where your special pets can be pampered in the comfort, convenience and surrounds of their own environment.
We are based in the North Riding area, but we operate all over Johannesburg, particularly in the Randburg, Fourways and Sandton areas, as well as on the West- and East Rand. We've also been seen in Pretoria and as far afield as Boksburg!

Our 'crew' have developed great expertise in grooming dogs and are super-skilled in handling canine personalities.
We make it a point to never force a dog if it's obviously not happy and our aim is always to build rapport and instil confidence and trust, so that your dogs come to love their home grooming experience.

When required, our groomers will take the time to sit and talk to the dogs until they relax. If they show fear or discomfort when being blow dried, either because it's a new experience or because they don't like the noise of the dryer, we will then towel-dry the dog and placate it with soothing words and gentle touch. Our groomers are well able to take care of all your dog's grooming needs and also your particular wants for specific breed cuts, removing matted hair, getting rid of entangled burs and generally bringing out the best in your dog's handsome looks. We also do what you generally loathe...we trim nails and clean ears.

Naturally, we love dogs! We think ours top the list, but we understand you feel the same way about your babies and so we treat all of them as if they were our own.

So now you can have dog grooming at home. You can have dog dipping at home too – at no additional charge. Our mobile doggy wash and groom service offers it all.

Primp and Preen

Primp & Preen

Mobile grooming means we come to you...
Areas we serve

Our Turf

Our grooming area covers a 35km radius from North Riding...


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Make A Booking

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paws for thought

A Quick Paws for Thought

How Often Should My Dog Be Groomed?

  • Every 2 to 6 weeks is optimal for grooming your dog.
  • Your dog will quickly establish a rapport with the groomers and come to love these occasions of being in warm water, with some massage, brushing and hands-on pampering.
  • Grooming maintains your dog's coat, prevents skin ailments from developing and keeps your house free of loose hair and dander. (NB: Also helps if your children are prone to allergies).
  • You can schedule recurring appointments with us to have your dogs groomed – from every week to every 6 or 8 weeks, depending on the dogs you have.
  • Dogs that require cutting or shaving need to be done more often to prevent matting and to avoid overheating in summer.
  • Bigger dogs with heavy coats that shed should be done every 4-6 weeks.
  • Each session takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

What our customers say:

  • Doggy Do's absolutely blew me away. We had five of our fur kids done and Ingrid was so patient with all my emails. My dogs loved the crew and when my dogs approve of being groomed I am overwhelmed with happiness. I highly recommend them.

  • I wanted to thank you again! Your team is lovely. I'll definitely be back in touch! Thanks again, and wishing you all the best!

  • Bijou looks wonderful and your crew were great.

  • Thanks again. Your team is awesome! Your groomers are not only good at what they do but also brilliant with the dogs. We will most definitely be referring you.

  • Thanks for grooming my two doggies. Your employees were so good with them.

  • Thank you so much, the dogs look gorgeous! And the groomers are great, they treat the doggies with so much love.

  • Thanks Ingrid. I was very pleased. Best wash Timone has had in a long time.

  • My heart runneth over ❤️ Gratitude in Abundance

    Charmaine M
  • Hi Ingrid. Thank you so much, my dogs look wonderful, a little grumpy, but clean. Your staff were amazing with my Babies, please apologise to them for the noise they had to endure :-) We will definitely give you a call again.

  • Thank you so much for the followup and great service. Your staff we friendly and helpful!

  • Awesome staff who spend quality time with your pets. Great care with older, larger dogs especially. Thank you, Ingrid

  • WOW WOW WOW. I am soooo impressed! I'm gonna bomb Facebook as a sign of my gratitude. Your staff are soooo friendly and what a good experience for my dog. Thank You Thank You xx

    Mark M